House of Memory is a professional consultancy that provides top of the range solutions to clients in the heritage, museums, exhibitions, public programming and tourism experiences sector.

Our inspiration is President Mandela’s heritage legacy projects, that seek to transform the sector, turning it to be more inclusive of the histories of all, developing new sites of commemorating the past, and liberating the African voice.

We are a new breed of African researchers, content and narrative developers, creative writers, historians, archivists and librarians, community facilitators, exhibition developers, collections managers, curators, designers, project managers, organisational designers and planners, financial modelling experts, tourism market analysts and strategists and public programmers.

We collaborate with like-minded arts and culture practitioners, architects, urban designers, environmental experts and urban district improvement specialists, per project requirements.

We promote the integration of African indigenous knowledge systems and oral histories , when developing content, and work-shopping scripts/texts, towards a narrative, making and selecting collections, curating and designing. Our methodology and processes have been developed over the years, as a combination of African insights and experiences, and the approaches within international cultural capital agencies and networks , like ‘Sites of Conscience’ and Lord Cultural Services.

What really counts in our output, is improved visitor experiences. Today interpretive centres, museums and sites of memory have to be informative, educational, entertaining and interactive. That is why we apply multi media platforms in our exhibitions. The nature and needs of the visitors, the educational and the tourism markets, dictate to us in our planning and execution, to accommodate, to liaise and partner with heritage departments, education institutions and the travel and tourism industry.

As cultural interpreters traversing the emerging African world, as heritage translators to the western and the eastern worlds, we rely on research, informed and objective analysis, a depth in the required disciplines, and a creative representation, that seeks to portray the African world in a positive and more dignified light.

We remain committed to alignment with South Africa’s evolving and progressive heritage legislative frameworks at local, provincial and national levels. The United Nations Educational , Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), the heritage accords of the Three Continents and the heritage protocols of the African Union (AU) and the Southern African Developing Community (SADEC), are important guides in our engagements with clients.

The high road of our vision is to cater for the creation, the development and the linking of renewed heritage experiences from Cape Town to Cairo and from Dakar to Djibouti. Thus unlocking the business potential of the African heritage sector.


• Strategic business development
• Project Management
• Research
• Heritage master planning
• Exhibition development
• Exhibition design
• Heritage tours & route development
• Public Programming & Experiences
• Financial Planning & Management
• Media, Communications & Events
• Translations
• Archives and Library Planning
• Indigenous Knowledge Systems
• Legal and Governance
• Feasibility Study and Master Plan


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Office 24/7
Conservation Architects

MMA Architects
Architects, Urban and Museum planning

Ochre Media
Exhibition Design and Development

Angus Taylor and Studio DSW
Sculpture and Installation

Heritage Sites, Urban Sculptures

Datacomb Pty Ltd.
Conservation, Tourism, Sustainable development

IT solutions for the banking sector. Change management, Business Strategy advisors


House of Memory adopted and funded Sophumelela African Youth Ambition (SAYA) which is based in Soweto.  SAYA is a group of youths whose vision is to transform and preserve the lives of young people through dance, drama and songs.

House of Memory introduced them to JOZI FM, to reach a wider audience.